ConCarolinas Schedule

It looks like my schedule for ConCarolinas is nice and firmed up now, so, here it is! I’ll also have a table at the con where I will be hanging out and talking about books, gaming, the videogame industry, or whatever else people are interested in. If you plan to be at ConCarolinas this weekend, please stop by and see me!

You can find out more about the Con here:

Friday, 5/29

Agents of Shield – 7:00pm in Concord 1

Discussing the hit Marvel TV show, what works, what doesn’t work, and why we enjoy it.

Saturday, 5/30

Magical Objects – 12:00pm in Carolina C

How can we use magical objects in fantasy? How can we make them interesting without making them overpowered?

Creating Characters that Work – 2:30pm in Carolina A/B

We’ll discuss how to write interesting protagonists, sidekicks, antagonists, and just about every other type of character you might find in a novel or short story. How can we make them interesting and memorable?

The Short of It – 7:30 in Carolina C

We’ll discuss the craft of writing short stories, getting them critiqued and ready for publication, and finally, getting them published.

Sunday, 5/31

Getting into the Game Industry – 10:00am in Concord G

I’ll be discussing different paths to becoming a professional videogame designer, and my fellow panelists will discuss how to get into the RPG/tabletop industry.

Real People in Unreal Worlds – 1:30pm in Carolina C

We’ll be talking about how we, as writers, can make our characters and their actions seem real and believable regardless of the unreal nature of the worlds they inhabit.

If I’m not on a panel or checking one out, I’ll be hanging at my table on Author Alley. Hope to see some of you there!


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