Year End Update

It’s been a busy 2014 with work on the big game (coming soon to a console near you), the birth of my first daughter, and lots of writing and editing. I now have four different projects in various states and three short stories coming out next year. With the holidays coming to a close, I figured it was a good time to update you folks on the new book and other things.

First, after consulting with McBryde Publishing, we’ve pushed the release of my second book, Demonkin, to 2015. My wonderful copy editor, Juli Mandala, got me a slew of clean ups and fixes in plenty of time, but it’s taking longer than I expected to go through them (the new baby, of course, is helping with that). I’ve already improved the book tremendously thanks to the feedback of a number of advance readers, and I want to make sure the final product is as clean and readable as it can get.

Second, I have some exciting projects on the way. I’ve continued to write new fiction over the past year and not just in the adventure fantasy genre. I may be pushing into other genres soon and if that happens, you’ll be the first to know. My fellow authors at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Critique Circle and the D.C. “Writer’s Group from Hell” have already offered great feedback and shown me plenty of places where I can improve.

On the publishing front, I have two new short stories on the way next year with a third (which was already released) being reprinted. As each of those is released I’ll have more info, but here’s a list of what you’ll be seeing from me in 2015.

“Demoneater”, my dark fantasy short story about wandering heroes who devour demons, will appear in Superhero Monster Hunter, an upcoming anthology from Emby Press, in early 2015.

“Rum’s Daughter”, my twisted fairy tale correcting the lies told about Rumplestiltskin, will be reprinted in the second edition of Fairly Wicked Tales, due out from Ragnarok Publications in first quarter 2015.

“Jinny’s Finest”, a modern ghost story involving wine and dead people, will appear in Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits, also due out from Ragnarok Publications before the end of 2015.

Demonkin, the sequel to Glyphbinder and my second novel, will be coming from McBryde Publishing in mid 2015.

In one last bit of news, Demonkin isn’t the only new piece of fiction I’m writing in the universe I first introduced in Glyphbinder. You’ll hear more about that as I come closer to completing my new projects. I will continue promoting Glyphbinder in 2015 and more news will be coming on that front soon.

To end this, I want to thank everyone who I’ve met at conventions or who have written me about my work. Knowing that people are reading and enjoying what I write keeps me going. As an author, we create stories to share them, and I’m glad I get to share my stories with every last one of you.

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